It’s time to let it go!

So many times we carry around stuff that was never meant for us to have!

We carry around hurts, we carry around failures where we thought for sure we would have succeeded, we carry around pain, and unforgiveness of people who have offended us in some of the greatest ways.. Sometimes, it was a legitimate thing.. I mean they really did cheat on you, that person really did abandon, you and that person really did abuse you and there’s no doubt they left a scar that causes you to find it a little more difficult than the average person to forgive or to love freely. Sometimes things just happened that you had no control over and well, that never set well with you, that sometimes things could happen that you were not able to control no matter how hard you tried.

Let me tell you a story about how you may be set free and can have a chance at a life more full, more happier, more abundant.. More peaceful and with better relationships now!
When I was 17 years old I had a daughter, Angel Tia Wesley.. Yes, my pride and joy.. I love that girl with my whole heart you hear what I’m saying.. I gave birth to her 5 months before i turned 18… By the time I was 19 Angel had moved with her father, I made some mistakes I do not deny at all.. And she was given in joint custody to her father, for years I chased after him, I wanted to find my daughter so I could have a relationship with her, after years of searching and finding and losing her again, I made up in my mind.. God must not have it in His plan or will for me to raise her, so I might as well let it go.. Until this day, Angel calls me, but most of the time I have fears about it, because when she calls me I want it to be about relationship and most the time it is about revenue.. there’s hurt there.. and there’s a little bit of fear!
Then I have this issue with my brother, Marcel, who lives right here In Dallas Texas, he moved here after Katrina, I love my oldest brother and I really want to be closer to him.. I would give my life for that man.. He’s only 2 years older than me and growing up we were always pretty close, but he got married to this young lady who is in essence with a “different spirit” about family and well, I have not heard from him in awhile, while this pours heavy on my heart, also what I feel in regards to the hurt about my little cousin Delilah not inviting me to her wedding.. I am hurt about that and I can freely say it and I was blessed my cousin shared pics on line so I could get a glimpse at it, My heart was filled to see my grandma and cousins in those photos..

But you know it doesn’t end there.. I am still a flawed person who does many things wrong. I mess up every single day and in no way do I claim to be perfect and I have forgiven all these people for all these things, but the key is that every time I think on all these things I must keep receiving God’s forgiveness for me and then turning around and forgiving them again and again..

When you want to be completely free.. if you can, go to that person and talk it over and make peace with them.. If you can’t or you feel it would cause more trouble dont…Leave it in God’s hands.. I have a cousin like that.. I have tried to make a mends with her and well, she will not receive me, then it’s not up to you.. But know in your heart that when you have done all you can to make things right and you have failed you can go on in peace..
Make a decision to get better every day, at loving and never close yourself off to giving.. Pray often and you will have much power to live victoriously.. Trust God.. Please truly Leave it IN His hands and know He will take care of it.. He will and there’s nothing you can do about your own situation if He doesn’t move in it to heal you or to heal the other person and if they are dead well, still make peace with God and with yourself so you can move on and be free.. Do this as often as you feel that pain come up or you act that pain out.. and you will see that you will start changing.. Will you join me in my thankful search for more abundant life than what I now have, living in the land of the free.. I hope you will my love!

Open your hands and release it


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