Your ordinary, but you are Great!

When I heard about the Princess Kate Wedding, I was amazed at how over night, in a matter of moments, she went from being Kate- Princess Kathryn, an ordinary, common woman, just overnight becomes a well known world renown princess, and everyone loves her dress, and the way she smiles and all eyes are on her all around the world.. As she marries a prince!

How much more beautiful could a wedding be, besides when a young lady who was a nobody marries into royalty.. Pretty sweet deal right!

I mean who wouldn’t sign up for that type of life.. No matter what kind of child hood you had, if you knew that at a certain age, in a certain season in your life all your cares would pretty much end, you would be seated in a position of royalty and no more a stench, as a matter of fact you become an idol.. Who wouldn’t want that!

Now let’s go back a little bit in time before we go forward and I want you to contrast your life to a bible story.. that’s right, let’s go back to bedtime stories..

Remember when Jesus called the 12 disciples… Remember how they were regular, common, ordinary, men!Now they had no clue that from the time they were born they were called to walk with Jesus and to take His gospel to the entire world, and by the way turn the world upside down because they would be preaching to others that they too could be a part of this beautiful royal family called the royal family of God!

I am stunned at the kind of people He had in mind.. People like Levi/matthew, notorious sinner, out the way, a tax collector no body liked him.. Look at the sort of people Jesus hang out with.. Prostitutes, women with issues and people with aids like diseases.. Look at this.. He touched those who were not supposed to even be heard of and healed them and set them free… and He calls us…..

He calls you and He calls me..
Ordinary folk.. Just like you and me.. He calls us and He doesn’t go back on it.. He says you are still mind even when you are caught in your mess and you are still mine even when you have gone the opposite way and you heard me calling you and I am coming for you,so stay where you were as long as you want because when I get ready for you, we will be married and you will be royalty! And When I call your name.. When I call you for real there’s no way out!


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