Ponder the power of your own thoughts!

What is a thought? The power to imagine!

What images run through your mind all day. What type of thinking do you allow to dominate your life.. This will tell me if you are a positive person or a negative person.

It is in this that I will see what kind of life you have. What kind of relationships you have and what you will be in the future.. I only need to know what your thoughts off. It will tell me if you will finish what you just started or give up too soon, it will tell me if you can withstand storms in your life or if you will run.. I just need to know what images come into your mind.. throughout the day.. They will determine how you respond when things are good and when things are bad!

What images come to your mind when you think about God.. It will tell me how high you can go as an individual or how low and depraved you can go as a reprobate!
The power to think correctly or incorrectly will put you in your own prison or deliver you to your own freedom!

Here’s a better way to look at it.. When you wake up in the morning, what is the first thing you say to yourself? Do you raise your hands in the air and say, thank you Lord I saw another day.. Or do you pull the covers over your head and say..”O Lord another day” I need to turn to my addiction or drug to make it through.. This no doubt determines the course of your day and how you see yourself is no doubt how you will see others.. It’s only a mirror, that’s why I weary of people who always tell me what the other person has done to wrong them, everybody hasn’t done you everything wrong, you contributed, for once tell me what you did wrong, tell me in what area’s you had to repent or you were made better because of it..
Some of our perceptions are so skewed that we sabotage relationships, we refuse to think good of anyone and we refuse to trust, open up our heart, or let anyone in, because we think we know all the answers.. I loathe this way of living and want to do everything in my power to change assumptions and thoughts that tell me things that are not true and have not happened yet which are negative..
If you keep saying you will not be anything or you can not do anything, guess what, you shall have what you say!

You Shall have what you say and your words come from your thoughts.. So be careful little eyes what you see, it shapes your thoughts, be careful little ears what you hear, it shapes what you believe, remember your Father up above…. The bible says The Lord is near, let your gentleness be known to all.. I want you to know this truth and I will close..

What you think, determines how you act, how you act determines how you live and how you live determines your destiny and where you spend eternity, this one important thing, if you get this right, it can save your life!


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