When is it ever going to end!

Our world, it goes round and round.. One person set out to prove the world was flat.. Yet I say as flat as it may be it still goes Round and Round.. Day to Day, moment to moment, Week by week and even year by year.. The world may be flat but life will never be.

Somebody might use the comment: “It is what it is!” Others might object and say: “It is what you make it!” Never the less 86,500 seconds pass us by every day and sometimes those seconds every one of them are wasted. We are so busy trying to make a life that we forget to live a life…

We go through all these hoops, we want to have the American dream, money and appearance.. We try to shed pounds so we can have a good figure and look our best.. Oh it really is all about how much I have in the bank account.. because I bet you I got mo’ stuff than you! That’s how we live right! That’s what’s important.. Mama could be dying or marriage could be going crazy but on the outside we have to put on this facade and look holier than thou.. We miss it ya’ll, we miss it every single time!
I love to have a moment to live. Just to live right there in that moment.. watching the dog chase the squirrel or that pretty blue bird sitting on my windowsill. We miss it, we miss reasons for thanksgiving because we are too busy trying to be the one someone else is giving thanks for.. We want to put out everyone’s fire, but our own’s, that’s our own business..
We are not an island to ourselves and everything we do affects someone else whether we like that or not!
So when? When will it end? When will we be real enough to say, My mama died almost 2 years ago and at certain points I remind myself so much of her it scares me, it’s like she’s still living and I grieve just because she is not.. What about those times when I feel like I’m at my wits end.. Can’t call anyone because I have to hold the fort down.. and that’s more important than humility and exposing my humanity!

When Will it end ya’ll? When will we start getting healed and stop living wounded!


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