If You Can?

This morning in my quiet time I want to share with you as a devotional what I studied. I want someone to be encouraged that with Christ anything is possible!

The reference from which I am reading is Mark 9:14-29. It’s an awesome read, so if you get a chance please go back, open your word and check it out for yourself!

In the text Jesus, Peter, James and John were coming down from a high mountain where Jesus had just been transfigured and the three disciples had seen His glory, but the other 9 had not.. When they headed back down to the crowd, I can imagine their faces were glowing, they had been in the presence of Almighty God transfigured in the most literal sense..
Well, they get back to life and reality and there they find some teachers of the law arguing with the crowd.

Get the context because it’s now that Jesus walks up, and they see Him amazed. They run to Him to greet Him. When He has their attention He asks them.. Now what’s going on?

One man steps out of the crowd and says his son has been robbed of speech, his son has been possessed by a mute spirit that would not let him speak.. How awkward.. The father was speaking on behalf of the son who had been shut up, due to his circumstance.

When he took his son to the disciples they could not heal him.
Jesus did not seem happy about this when He rebukes them and calls them UnBelieving. Those darn disciples, they still didn’t get it, hadn’t they seen His miracles and been with Him and had Him speaking with them almost 3 years now, what’s the issue that makes Jesus comment.. How long must I put up with you.. How long am I going to have to be with you for you to get it!?”

When He had said this He told the man… “BRING HIM TO ME!” ( I will take care of this issue since my associates could not) Well, when the boy comes to Jesus.. His issue got the best of him once again.. He threw him on the ground and made him start rolling around and foaming at the mouth, the boy was cutting up. Jesus looking at this in the midst of the situation looks at the man and says.. “How Long!?” My God! wasn’t that the question that gets us.. How long have we been like we are, How long have we been caught in a predicament that embarrassed us every time it came up and basically we just lost any hope of it getting better.. How long? When did this start and we had to live with it, only because we did not believe!

The man said, it had gone on since the boy was a child. The spirit had taken control of him and thrown him into fire and water, I mean this demon was trying to kill this boy.. So what kept him alive? What kept me alive? What kept you alive? What? What? What? Well, before Jesus could do anything He looks at the man with that look that would burn right through our skin, all our facade and mask.. He said.. IF YOU CAN? All things are possible to him who believes!

Wasn’t this the shocker in the conversation.. this next moment of truth when the man says.. Lord, I believe.. Oh yea, I believe Lord… But can you please help me with this unbelief..  Obviously, if I did not believe I would not have taken him to you right.. I thought enough to bring him to you right.. But listen closely to his response just a few minutes before when Jesus asked how long, He said If you can do anything, please have pity on us and help us! He comes to Jesus saying; “Of you Can?” and Jesus Comes to him saying:  no, “If You Can?”

I am utterly and completely blown away at this moment.. The man is honestly floored when he says probably in tears, Lord this boy has been like this a long time.. I want to believe so badly that you can do this.. But it’s been so long.. Please.. Help me with this doubt, with these fears, for your own sake.. Please help me believe!

Jesus healed that man’s son as the crowd came forward and then the disciples wondered why they couldn’t do it.. Because they had lacked in PRAYER!


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