Trying new things!

Tonight.. I tried Zumba!
I had wanted to for quite some time, I had heard so much about it.. But I wanted to try my hands at it.
I had just bought the biggest loser challenge for my wii and had been enjoying that along with your shape all week, but I wanted to take it up a knotch I wanted to challenge myself with more than what I was used to.

This is the issue with most people.. We limit our lives to our own little world and what we know and what we have experienced and say to others…”I have lived” No you haven’t! Have you been to a play on broadway, have you toured Italy, have you even been to the virgin islands on a beach.. Have you made time to try something new every time you thought about it..
Well I have learned it can be fun and exciting to learn something new..And tonight that new thing for me was Zumba, I had already gone Crochet on everyone this year and now the knowledge doesn’t stop.. maybe one day I will teach and exercise or pottery class or something.. because when the mind is opened there is no limit to what we can do..
Be sure and not fear trying new things, you just might succeed.. Even if you go back to college, the worst that can happen is you fail a class and well, you can always try again..

But that didn’t happen to me.. I was right on que and I had that thing pat down tonight and I felt great afterward!


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