Quality, Not Quantity!

I have never been one of those people who have quoted often, if only there were more time in this day.. Because I know one thing.. We only have 86,500 seconds in every day.. The same amount of time, no more, no less.. You have the same amount of time as I do. We both also have a choice. What are we going to make of the time we have.

Yesterday I was so proud of myself, when I went to bed, I had accomplished so many things, I had done circle time with my children in the morning, read the bible to them and taught them a bible concept. I had taken time out to cook the black bean soup and bake some chicken for dinner, of course I was on it, I was proud of myself I had worked out really hard and I had even had time to wash the dishes and wash and fold all those clothes.. Well, it was amazing to think that I had even read to my children and prayed with them before they went to bed after I made it to my Stitches of faith class and was able to share with the other women.
Did I get quality out of my day, or did I simply try to get as much done as I possibly could.??
I love to snap pictures of my children. that’s what I do all the time, I have a select few family members I send photos to all the time, and they know exactly what’s going on in my life because when we are at the park and that squirrel just chased Aniah thinking she could chase it back I take a picture, when Aniah tried to feed that duck at the park and it bit her feet and she laughed I treasure the moments in my heart like the one’s when we get to the park and she falls on the rocks and I pick her up and cuddle her in my arms and tell her everything will be ok. I love it when Benjamin is kind and considerate and he picks up a book at the library not for himself, but for his sister.. I love the feeling I get when I have just finished another work out.. the endorphins give me a buzz no marijuana can.. There are certain things that add quality to the  things I do, and if I do them without those little moments.. they have no value.

What’s your thing? What is it that makes you tick? Where’s your sweet spot? many times we just take a lickin and we keep on tickin.. you know I have learned that’s not the life I want people to say I lived at my funeral or when they remember me.. Remember me as the positive one who encouraged others and was never a burden, remember me as the one who led you to Christ or helped you carry your burden.. However you remember me, let it not be the one who just lived from day to day, I don’t even want you to say.. “I know Kevilyn, she traveled the whole world with her sweet husband and children.” I would much rather you say: “I knew Kevilyn she as a dedicated stay at home mom who lived out her faith and the fact that she was a woman who feared God really drew me to Him, she was the kind of person you could not be around and be sad!” What would you like to have said about you? By your children, by your parents? But most importantly, by God.. What will my character speak volumes… or just a wave! I’m after quality and not quantity


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