Learning from a child!

Today, you will not believe some of the realizations I came to.

First of all everyone has some type of mental disorder.. If you let them, society will name you everything but sane… But I know a name that every other name will bow to!

As I was out walking with my children today in the park I realized something.. When I thought they would be the one’s slowing down, they were the one’s keeping me on my tippy toes.. Little one’s are so active and they don’t apologize for it.. They are imaginative and they are not concerned with time.. Preschoolers don’t worry about things they are free spirited and they trust very easily.

Amazingly, my children do not have to worry about paying bills, my children are not the least bit concerned if they will have a bed to sleep in, or if there will be food on the table tomorrow when they wake up, they are not concerned about mommy and daddy.. they just know what the family has been like and anything else.. well, that comes when it does.. and that’s when they learn it..

We as adults are so different. We live in a state of fear and then get mad when people label us humans. I know no other creature that worries.. We are the smartest but we worry about relationships, financial status, what kind of cars we drive, we worry about our children, our parents, our bills.. We worry about even the little things that don’t even matter and I believe it should not be so.. Because I took a lesson from a little child!
Think of their resilience, even if something did happen to them and they had to go without water or something, they still pull things off pretty well.

Now don’t get me wrong, my children are a little spoiled but what you will learn is that children are easy to adapt and even easier to train. It’s hot in Texas and well, we just came out of Spring and before that well, we had some snow days in winter, so my babies are making the shift in their minds from coats and jackets to shorts and sandals.. I have to tell you, sometimes you have to repeat the same thing over and over because we did have some spring days that felt like we were wintry here in Texas.. But the amazing thing was whatever you told them… well, they were okay with it.. We went outside today.. near 100 degrees… My children tell me.. “Mama, I am sweating!” I say.. Yes, that’s because it is hot outside and we are closer to summer and they ask me, will it be cold tomorrow… I say.. No sweety, we have a few months of heat first.. Children are inquisitive sometimes but they ask in all honesty because they truly don’t know..
How about us.. We ask because we really are complaining, we know certain things are a part of life and just don’t want to accept them.. The little children.. I can learn from them because they are easy to forgive and quick to learn.. Anything you tell a child, they take you at your word, in other words they are trusting, the way I would love to trust the word of God!!

When will it be.. That more adults will not have the mind of a child, but come with the pattern child like tendencies!


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