How did He find you!

This story came alive to me today, so I thought I would should share it.

I was reading this morning from Mark 11 and it was quite interesting. I hope it helps.

Just as Jesus is going into His last week here on earth, He is getting ready to enter Jerusalem and He tells 2 of His disciples to go to a village opposite of them they would find this colt (horse 4 years old or less, or an inexperienced young person) Jesus tells them not only where to find the colt, but that it would be tied up, and that it has never been ridden.

Why do you feel they had the need to know that the little inexperience person or baby horse had never been ridden?

When He tells them everything about this colt it is to prove that there was nothing about this person, or animal He has not known fully! He also told them, that someone would be stopping them to ask them why they are taking the colt and they only had to say that “The Master Had need of It!”

I don’t care how you feel today I want to tell you that the Master has need of You! He desires to see you in His presence! When the disciples (followers of Christ) had gone to find this little colt who thought he had no purpose and was lost, Jesus was waiting for them to come back with him/her. Notice, even though He could have, Jesus did not go Himself but He sent someone else.

This really made me think a lot about when I was led to Christ, or He was calling me to Himself. I was sooo lost and I did not have a clue where I was going or why He had created me, so many things had happened in my life that I had no clue there was a purpose behind it all and even my personality had been crafted by a God who is greater than myself..
From the time this little colt was born, He had a purpose, this was the big day.. Like the day of a marriage, He/She would be ridden.. and they would be doing the very thing they were created to do..

Which leads me to my next question. What were you created to do?

Obviously, one of the express purposes of horses is to give rides to people, they are made in such a way that they are created to carry others.. So Jesus will not misuse you, and as a matter of fact for a moment when you are in purpose on purpose, God will make it seem as if you are getting all the glory, think about when that little colt had Jesus on it and all those people lay out those palms in front of Him.. Who stepped on the palms.. The Colt! So it would have been easy to think the party was for him/her when in reality it was all about who He was carrying!


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