Learning to swim!

So today was the day, I did it..I had been in a habit of trying new things for awhile. I just got out of putting things off for another time in my life, and I made it happen..At the first of the month, I tried Zumba and almost got tied to it for life.. Then I tried kickboxing and decided I would love it for life.. then well, today I tried swimming…and YES! It was the thing.. So therapeutic, it would blow you away.. I learned to float today and ofcourse I already to to breast stroke, next it will be back stroking. I never thought swimming could possibly be so easy when you really have a desire to learn to do something… anything, you will make time to do it..

Since we are taking this trip next month to the beach and I want to keep my size and not add any more to it, I figured it would be good to just go starting something new and different which would challenge me all the more than what I am used to.

I took my children because more than anything else, if anyone else did not grow up swimming or learning to do different things that were fun and “usual” they want their children to know how to do it, or at least experience it..

Aniah was an all natural by the way. She is so ready to learn to swim it is amazing. It will not be much longer before she will be treading the water better than me.. And Benjamin..

Benjamin was not as comfortable with the water, he needs a little more work. I am having trouble recalling what scared him about water so much and why he has this great fear of putting his head in the water and getting water in his ears.. I think it can be over come with a little TLC but he really struggled today.. I don’t know why and I don’t know what could cause it, but while Aniah was soaring he was just needing to get more comfortable. Amazingly 2 people can be so different… One can be a completely free spirit while the other can be as closed minded as they come.. Amazing to me as I thought about it..
That’s society today! Look at me, stepping out in so many different ways, this year I have already learned to Crochet, joined so many different clubs and started exercising in ways I never saw myself doing a couple of years ago, yoga, and pilates were not on my list of things to try, yet today I love them all.. I especially love KickBoxing because it reminds me so much of my first love.. Taebo!

But as I close this.. maybe I can inspire someone.. Maybe you want to take a spinning class, start a gym membership and take some exercise classes or just a walk at the park along the track one week after work. I want to encourage you to stretch yourself, sometimes the stretch can be the best decision you ever make!


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