When you get your victory!

Today, I have to say…. I am ecstatic! I am “beside myself” I am overjoyed and overwhelmed by this feeling called “victory”!

Normally a part of my new years resolution is to be a healthy weight!

Last year in December I bought this new game called the Wii Fit Plus, so excited about it, I just knew I would be in shape, after all, I do taebo, I walk a lot and recently started jogging out in the park with my husband. I bellydance, do kickboxing and swim…Wow, that is a pretty impressive resume right! But until today that machine told me every time I logged on and took a body test the dreadful message: “YOUR OVERWEIGHT!” I hated to hear that and my goal became getting my weight to be normal.. That was all I was reaching toward really, sure to have nice flat abs would be great but whether that came with it or not, I still wanted to be a nice “NORMAL WEIGHT!’ Well, I fought for it ya’ll.. I worked out harder and to be honest for the most part that got results.. Yes, the Jillian Michaels did help.. a great deal I might add, but it was not the thing that knocked me out of the ball park.. It was when I became conscious and mindful of what I was eating.. It was when I put the honey buns every day for a snack on the side and I stopped eating just because it had been an hour since the last time I had eaten..

Hey I am not saying I am perfect, but I am saying that today, when that machine told me that I went to a whole new level, I almost flew straight through the roof and up to the sky! All I could say was… Thank you Jesus.. I know, it sounds like the craziest thing, to do all that to hear a little machine say.. “That’s Normal” and to see a mii character give me a thumbs up.. Shouldn’t I be talking about seeing Jesus and hearing Him say well done thou good and faithful servant.. Yes, I am getting there, and believe I will hear it because I have made that one single choice that changed my life and now it is no longer I that live but Him through me. Thank Jesus, you wouldn’t like me if you knew the old Kevilyn, let’s be thankful for the new one being recreated daily, but this … This was different.. I can not explain this.. I am speechless today.. and I just want to say.. “I did it, and so can you!” Venture out and try new things, see what becomes of you! It’s never too late even if you have done a lot of stuff normal people don’t do.. even if your already a NORMAL WEIGHT! Will you rejoice with someone else and will you genuinely in your heart smile for a change!


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