Knowing is half the Battle!

Many times people say this cliche: “If I’d have known then what I know now….” It all depends on what they are talking about, but most of the time it is because they have found themselves in a mess and wish they would have chosen more wisely from the beginning, or they find themselves in a good situation because of some knowledge they applied later on in life when they could have been reaping the rewards from that same good choice all along.

That’s where I’m going with this.. Knowing is only half the choices.. what decisions are you making that correspond with what you know.
For instance it could be a relationship. Your hanging out with someone that you know doesn’t mean you any good..You know they have stabbed you in the back in the past but you take that information like a grain of salt and keep hanging out with them anyway because of your need.

What of those of us who have bad addictions, for me it is food. I love to eat, now I know that’s what got Eve in the trouble she was in at the tree and that is what got Esau in trouble and it is literally what killed Eli.. Pharaoh concerned himself with nothing but food when Joseph was head over his house.. We see the food addicts coming up all throughout the bible.. Refusing to put the food down not even for a day.. Amazingly knowing that certain foods can hurt us if we ingest too much of them we do it anyway! Why? because we want satisfaction in the moment and forget what that means for my future or my children’s future or those around me I want this and I want it this way!

I don’t even dare talk about holding out sexually until marriage.. That’s played out right.. We want satisfaction even if the woman is married or the man has a girlfriend.. We want to show him or her we have the power to influence them .. for what? I’m just saying, we put all our eggs into one basket and we forget to even look down the road and notice all those eggs are rotten and they won’t bear any good fruit!

Let me leave you with this little note..

The bible does not mention anything appealing about the tree in the middle of the garden, as far as we knew it looked just like all the other trees the only thing that drew Eve to it was that she was deceived in her thinking because she wanted the only thing she knew she could not have.

Self control. In all your getting, Lord help us have some self control!


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