The Yorkshire Terrier!

Ok, so I am no pro.. But if there are people out there who ever wonder what it’s like to have a dog.. Well, I have very limited experience so don’t look this way!

Yesterday, we got another dog…

We bought a dog about a year ago, and it was also a “Yorkie” he was very young (8 wks old) we only kept him a short period.. the first name we gave that dog was “Poochie” So you know where we are going with this.. His name was changed 2-3 times before we finally decided on”Samson” not long after that I decided that it would be good to give him to my older brother out in Cedar Hill, but they didn’t want no dog…

I wounded up giving him away to an elderly lady.. who had lost a yorkie a year before that and said she still had all her stuff for the one she lost and would give him a really good home.. I grieved for the loss of the money and the investment, and well… the dog too, but my children.. Boy, did they grieve.. Amazing they could become attached so quickly!

You couldn’t take the dog from Aniah’s paws…
Yesterday was the day.. We had been taking Aniah to the pet store months now and she had been praying for Samson to come home a long time..

We decided it was time and I was mature enough to handle another Yorkie!

Found one almost immediately, and it was a lot less than I paid for the first one.. Here she is!

Little Belle!

This is Belle, our new fully grown 5 month old pup! WE love her to the end.. She came with clothes, food, treats, and even a brush and dog pads, a leash and much more.. I must say the dog is precious in every respect!

Very territorial..Today, my little children were playing with her too much and she was getting tired of all the attention so she started growling at them.. Samson never did bark..

Well, I have to say the funniest thing happened today, she climbed up on the sofa with me as I talked to my dad on the phone and I took her off, she jumped back up and laid next to me, Aniah tried to move her down but she barked at Aniah as if she would attack her.. Then on top of that when Benjamin kept trying to play with her sitting next to her on the sofa, she forcefully barked him off the sofa until she could cool down a few minutes and she made him cry like a baby.. Ya’ll I never thought a 5 month old pup could send a 5 year old child running and crying like a baby! This was the funniest thing but it was scaring me, she was being territorial and she was protecting herself not wanting anymore of their attention.. So she let him come back a few minutes later, but the whole time being very loyal to me sitting right there on the sofa.. How funny is that.. that’s all I have today on day #1 with my FEMALE Yorkshire Terrier, if you don’t mind my correct discretion, she was being a bitch!


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