How to train yourself!

Most of the time, different circumstances and things come into our lives that we really have no idea the purpose of… But believe me there is always a greater purpose!

Let me say this… Whether you are training a child, or a dog, or training for a new job.. You always need training to do something you’ve never done before whether it’s like one of these things and is called “on the job training” that’s why sometimes it’s good to look to people who have done what you want to do and have ended successfully!

For instance, my grandma, this wonderful lady mothered 11 children.. On both sides actually my grandmothers birth 11 children.. On both sides.. I have not had any of my aunts or uncles to ever be in and out of jail and amazing we don’t have a lot of really unlovable people in any side of my family. Amazingly I do not call this chance. I call it precision.. When you have so many children you learn a way of doing it.. that is successful, even if you don’t know what your doing at first sooner or later you learn the ropes..

Now I told you all yesterday that I bought a dog.. A little Yorkshire Terrier.. Cutest little rat you could look at.. Little under 5 pounds fully grown.. She is spoiled to me.. There’s a certain beauty to having something or someone be spoiled to you, but if you are paying attention even that is a test. My children used to be spoiled to me, and I would give them everything they wanted, carry Aniah around everywhere and Benjamin too until I got pregnant with Aniah..

But suddenly I realized in all of this, they weren’t being trained I was, and it was time to flip the switch and start training them.. We train a dog because we want him or her to be well respected and loved by all and no one loves and unruly animal just like no one loves an unruly child…which are we…
Let’s consider this and look around in our lives to see what it is we have trained and what it is that has trained us… Are we well respect and loved!


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