The beautiful moments…

Don’t you just look forward to those moments in life..
You know the ones, the ones that take your breath away, the one’s that you just have to stop what your doing and take a note.

“the Beautiful moments” are what I call them..

It could be something very small, to something very big.

I told you all that this week our family got our 2nd Yorkie… And I told you all Bella.. We took her out to the park today.. I didn’t mention that since the time I got her I have been even more busy around the house and am very proud that I am able to maintain a healthy active lifestyle because of it..

But today.. at the park I had one of my beautiful moments!

Aside from all the hard work of rearing 2 preschoolers I have the privilege of training a little 5 month old dog..

But oh the benefits..

Benjamin played pitch with the little pup today, and it was one of those moments.. To watch Bella running to get that ball, and bringing it back to him.. No matter how much we had seen this on tv or watched other people do it, I had not ever experienced the beauty of watching a puppy or dogs eyes when he or she fetches a ball, or a frisbee, or any other thing.. To watch her running back as if she had suddenly won all rights to the ball because she fetched it then give it back for it to be thrown again.. This was a priceless moment. I wish I could have gotten it while the game was in action, I started getting worried because even though she wanted to keep playing Aniah kept throwing the ball and holding Bella’s leash so she could not run to get it.. and she runs and hops so fast..

I also wanted to say that today I had a little victory, Bella used the potty for both numbers outside… So I can see where I am making progress and it is for moments like these we ought to live.. We ought to stop and think about them a little longer and not the bad things that happened days or years ago, but live right here in every moment and find out whats beautiful about it!


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