Choosing to make better choices

Have you ever been there…. In the moment, you think the decision you are making is the best for you and everyone involved.. Yet when you stop to think about it.. it’s really the worst decision, not only for you, but for everyone involved.

Where do we get wisdom from to stop us from making certain mistakes in the making.

First of all we need to sit down and count out the cost completely, and if we do not have what it takes to completely go through with the decision we make then we should not.. Next we should sit down and think about how this will effect others around us? Is it a good decision morally? Are your conscience clear about it?

Although sometimes we don’t think it is important to think about others, even the discipline of a child is thinking of them and in their best interest.

Sometimes letting go of a lost loved one.. and leaving them in God’s hand is the best decision you and I can make for ourselves and those around us, sometimes cutting off relationships that are toxic, pulling you and me both down and not up, is actually in the best interest of everyone involved. God calls us to use His wisdom and there is no other way. The greatest thing is all we have to do to get that wisdom is to ask HIM! Just simply ask..
Before you and I make decisions the first best thing to do would be to pray about that decision, I don’t care if it is buying that new dress, if it’s going to have to go on the credit card, well, you might want to think twice about what you’ll have to lose, when we think of things like what we will eat.. I think it is very important that we make decisions we know are wise and even if that means going back to doing what the bible says as far as eating..
This is so contrary to what you may have been taught to think but in good decisions quality of life and health come!


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