Where Do You Turn!

What happens on those days? You know those days, the one’s when you feel like has smacked you right in the face as hard as it possibly could and you really just want to slap it back, but it zapped you of all your strength somehow and when you regain that you will give it a real kick in the rump!

Life is like that sometimes.. But when it is.. What happens in us? Bishop Jakes used to teach us a story about a pressure cooker.. When the heat it on the inside you bubble up so much so until it looks and sounds like at some point your going to pop a top unless you have some form of release.

Every now and then life is like that.. and pressure builds and how we handle it becomes the most important thing that gets us through the day!
Sometimes when some people have stressful days at work they look forward to when they get off that clock and walk out the door and then they plan on going home and relaxing with a nice quiet h0t bath, or someone else may say.. they are going home to a spouse and have a fun evening with them.. Others, well the only way of release is to gamble, is to turn to drugs or some other illegal way of handling their problems.. But that’s not my point..

My point is How Do You handle your issues? When the day has taken all it could take from you, and even if today was a good day, you will have one of these..

Jesus said “Come to me, all you that are weary and heavy laden, and I will give you rest” It’s an exclusive invitation. God is saying.. ” I can meet that need to be recharged and refueled, and only I can do that.. continually, giving you the peace you really need deep down inside that isolation can’t give.

What will we do now that this offer is opened?? Sometimes it seems unreal right?? What do I mean by that? Jesus gave an exclusive invitation to Come To Him! He is saying “I am the Answer and I am the Only Remedy” The only solution.. No other god, no other possession, no one and no thing can fell you like He can.. So on the days when you are I feel we can not push on one more second it would be very wise to take Him up on that invitation.. Stop and quietly breathe in a secret place and say.. “Jesus, you know all about this day, I feel drained and I am definitely panting for some sort of relief.. You gave me this wonderful invitation giving me access to cast all my burdens on you because you care so much about me.. here it is.. This is me.. Free me up and take it away.”


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