My decision to go Natural!


So today I did it!

This is officially my new birth day!

I have to say there a bit of freedom in it all.. Not just freedom from processing, and relaxing and chemicals to my hair.. But to watch all the hair being cut away.. To start all over and do things a new way!
All of my life I have been a Lyer… I mean I used those things since I could remember.. I always had to go back to them, and there is no telling how much money I spent in my life time on “No-Lye Conditioners” It was finally time to try something new.. But it was in  so many ways like it was when I came to Christ.. That’s what I kept thinking about .. In all my liberation, what was I liberated from.. I was being freed from all sorts of oppressions and fears, and depressions and lack.. I was free to be me.. and it didn’t matter what people thought when they looked at me, I knew I was new!
Have you ever had that liberating feeling.. It’s like when I looked down at the floor and I saw all my hair there, that was the old me and she had died long ago, I would keep having to trim her off, well I finally decided to take her off completely.. I was tired of thinning out and I was tried of wasting away.. I was ready for healthy vitality, ready for a new way of doing things that would bring me health..

Now I am liberated and the graceful thing about being liberated is once you are.. You can never go back.. I don’t carry any one else’s label anymore.. I know who I am … I am free To dance!


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