The little victories.. A pat on the back!

This week I did a lot and I am frankly quite happy to see that this week has come to pass.
Over the last few weeks I have been doing daring new things, belly dancing, kickboxing, swimming, going on a limb to really live this life.. You know we are supposed to live it …. “More Abundantly” I’ve even gone as far as being bold enough to go natural, and some people like the decision while others think to themselves.. Oh Lawd, what that girl gon’ do with all that nappy hair!

I laugh at it all to be honest!
I house broke my puppy Bella this week.. She is just about totally housebroken, no accidents in the house the past 2 days.. I am very proud of myself because I have worked very hard..
Sometimes, it’s good! It’s good not to think about you still have left to do, but just to stop and live in the moment being thankful for what you have already done, not what you didn’t do, not regretting what you missed or didn’t get around to.. but just coming to a point where you can be totally and completely grateful for what you… Have accomplished.

For a little while there I was wondering if the little Yorkie was getting it, I wondered if all my efforts were paying off.. Was there something I could have been doing differently… Well, if you keep trying and never give up.. You will see the result of your labor and when you do, don’t keep going and thinking about what you have to do next, don’t even think about how hard it was to get that done.. Just think to yourself.. Thank Goodness.. I did that.. and it’s done.. Even if it’s not quite finished, be grateful for what you got done.. This week I started some things I did not finish too, but it’s not about that as much as I bring this week to a close thankful and patting myself on the back for everything I did Accomplish!


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