Self Talk

I remember when I was growing up mama used to always say: “Ain’t nothing wrong with talking to yourself Girl, but something may be wrong if you answer yourself back” I use to laugh at that… It was said you were possibly going crazy if you asked yourself a question and answered yourself back..

Over years though I have learned.. NO! It doesn’t mean I’m crazy if I talk to myself and it doesn’t mean I’m crazy if I ask myself a question and answer myself because sometimes in the decision making process we have to go through and think it through, we don’t always get the luxury of having wise people around us who can lead us in the right direction.. Not always!

Sometimes we have to stop and ask ourselves.. Is this a good decision? Sometimes we have to be honestly enough without ourselves not to lie to ourselves but speak the truth.. To self first..

When I was making the decision to go natural… I had to ask some questions that only I could answer since it was my decision! When I got ready to make the puppy purchase I had to make decisions and all of those decisions would include others who are around me everyday!

None of my decisions are made in a vacuum! Someone is always watching me so the way I talk to myself will always matter, It will always be important no matter how I want to look at it! Because sometimes in the morning when I wake up if I don’t tell myself, This is going to be a good day and I can do everything I am supposed to do with excellence I doubt those things will get done successfully.. Remember that your words you tell yourself make or break you!


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