Don’t forget to remember!

Today, it’s a big day.. My oldest daughter turns 13….. A teen! I am the mother of a Teen.. How wonderful it is!

I am most happy because I know that having Angel changed my life.. 13 years ago on this day I was a mother for the first time ever… I may have been 17 years old, but one thing I felt was that there was something missing, and although at that time I was not wise enough to let her give it to me.. Today I can see it. I see it and I look back and say… Thank You!

Some people say they have things in life they wish the could redo… Some people say if they could do it again they would do things different.. but not me.. I think that everything that has happened in my life and everything that will happen is always for a greater purpose and plan and if I don’t see it then, I know at some point I will understand.
When Angel was given in full custody to her father it was the worst season of my life.. I cried, I mourned, I went through years of recovering from that… I mean that literally, but in the midst of all that I still find a reason to give thanks, because today, my oldest daughter is alive and she is well and that lets me know there is still hope for us!

If I had one wish, if I had one thing I would say I regret, it would be all the time I missed with her, but even that I know til this second was God’s plan by design.. Did I play a part in that.. yes, and were my actions rooted in what God would tell me to do back then… No! But I can still not look back and be sad because it’s never good enough to go back and say what I could and should have done.. It’s better just to say.. it happened and so does life.. if it is the will of the Father I will yet have another opportunity to make whatever I wronged right!
Now, I can’t forget in all of that to remember.. remember not to play the blame game.. Remember to take responsibility for my actions and remember to be thankful


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