Decide Whats Important!

Today was quite an exciting day! I will say so myself!

The first thing that made it exciting was because when I woke up this morning, I made up in my mind I was going to have an exciting day! It’s not that there were not points in this day where I had a hard time I just made up in my mind that I would make them reasons to rejoice and be thankful instead of ungrateful and complaining!

This evening, I actually thought I lost my 3 year old daughter.
We were walking in WalMart and I thought she was coming right behind me and I was trying to play with her, usually when I walk up and she thinks I am leaving her well.. she runs up to catch up with me.. this time she didn’t!

I kept looking back thinking she was hiding from me.. Pretty soon I went back to look for her and when I did not see her I immediately got worried.. I began to call for her as loud as I could!

“Aniah! Aniah!” I called but there was no answer and I did not see her no matter how hard I looked!

Then I thought she was lost and I imagined in a split second what would happen if my life was without my daughter.. I couldn’t bear the thought of the grief I had already suffered upon losing my first daughter and now this.. Well, it hit me really hard!

A lady called from a distance and said “I think I got what your looking for over here!” I was so happy to see her.. And she had that look in her eye… If your child has ever felt lost.. you remember the look in their eyes when they saw you again..

I wanted to hug her and tell her to always hold my hand in the stores or in the street..

Then when we got home, I thought I heard Benjamin screaming in the bath tub, we had just allowed him to start completely bathing himself, when I walked in there he was just having a problem picking the soap up, stuck to the bath tub!
Of course we had some ups and downs today, Aniah hit Ben with a brick.. I took Bella outside this evening and she refused to make a stool.. I mean boy I had some interesting things happen.. Like, we went to the Aquarium and met some friends and well..
We finally gave our kids their own room today! It was a lot of good old fashion team work, I set up my wireless usb when I changed the computer room and well, I have just been accomplishing hits all day!

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