When you make just a little progress

When you have to say to yourself when you wake up in the morning… “Today is the day, The Lord has made, I will rejoice and be glad in it!” You are not living abundantly.. But if you wake up with the joy of the Lord in your heart thinking today is the day the Lord has made and everything you do shows me that you are glad about that it makes a difference!

Sometimes, I don’t think we give ourselves enough credit. This month Aaron and I will be seeing our wedding anniversary once more and again.. Hardly every does anyone else celebrate a wedding anniversary besides the couple who shares it.. Amazingly, people don’t send you roses and cards and gifts to say.. Good deal you made it through another year in marriage.. you have to take time our and celebrate your own victory, because only the two of you know what you have come through. This month we were supposed to go to CoCoa Beach and visit my brother in Orlando, but things came up and our plans were changed, so even though we could not do it as big as we had hoped to, we are so thankful to celebrate another year.

Amazingly our world doesn’t celebrate young women who make it through college without having a baby or dropping out, just like they will not celebrate the young woman or man who keeps himself free of sexual sin waiting for his special wife! I think in our society we have celebrated big things so much we forget to celebrate little things..

For instance when you graduate from high school there’s normally this huge celebration and normally when you leave 6th grade and go on to middle school and normally there something between junior high and high school..but the truth is when a little child passes from 3rd to 4th grade there ought to be someone to pat her or him on their back and say… You did it.. now let me take time out to acknowledge that while I am pushing you forward into greater and better things!

We pride ourselves in celebrating when a couple gets married but we equally find satisfaction when they get a divorce.. Amazingly, no one wants to celebrate others these days unless the parent gives a party for their child.. Well, that’s their business.. but we were there at the birth telling them how much we would help them with that baby! My children are now 3 and 5 and Lord knows it’s been rough thus far.. Not that I have special needs children or anything and I am so thankful to God everyday for having healthy children but I have to confess sometimes I look right over little things, I am schooling them at home and when they get it right I don’t compliment them half as much as I get on them when they do it wrong!

We need to kick ourselves sometimes because it is the little foxes, the little issues we never address that spoil our whole vine!


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