What are you doing with your ability

A long time ago when I was a member of the Potter’s House Church I had a great privilege of sitting under a pastor who not only had a degree in Theology, but also a degree in psychology! I thought that was so awesome because it was like I was being counseled at the same time I was being sermonized! I l0ved it, but the crowds got to be a bit much and when we started having children well, it was a bit much when they took it down to only one service with all those people..Over 30,000 you know!

Once I heard bishop Jakes say something that still sticks with me today; “Either you choose to trust God or not!” That’s the question that my life should hinge on. In every single area of my life, my peace depends on it.. My hope for my future depends on it. My children’s future depend on it..

I have been given this awesome amount of responsibility and sometimes to take it on really is a great task. I have so much to do in one day like so many others I just keep moving and moving and there are sometimes hardly any pauses in my day.. sometimes there are moments when I have to stop myself when I am bathing in a nice warm bath at night when I stop to think on all the things God has given me to do.. Something I did on my own in that day, but for the things He gave me to do, for those that got accomplished I am thankful. So what happens. When God gives you a talent, when God gives you a gift, when God gives you a great calling and sometimes you think it is too great for you.

Today I was reading over in Luke 4: 1-13 and I saw something that just about made me sit back and sigh.. Jesus, being the Son of God, perfectly pleasing to God, full of the Spirit walking in obedience was still put in a position by God to be tempted by the enemy… Whether it was in His mind or it literally happened and satan walked up on Him, Jesus knew who He was and He knew what He had been given a responsibility to do, and that was the most important thing to Him.. He would not default on that.. How many times have we told God we would do something for Him them when things got good… or bad… We default.. An unanswered prayer, an unopened door, what was it that caused our faith to die and we lost it at that point and we need to go back and say, I will take my load because you gave it to me just as Jesus did and I will carry it because and only because you have already given me grace to.!


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