The privileges of the average American!

Sometimes we like to call things rights, but by right we should call them privileges!

Let’s start here…. In America, we have health care facilities in every city and normally they are not more than 4 mile radius from any given place where we are located Inside America!

In America, we have a fast food restaurant at every corner. Whatever we feel like eating, chinese, Asian, Creole, Italian.. We have all the choices we need just about at our doorstep some people will actually deliver!

In America, we have such things as paved streets where we can drive vehicles and well we could not imagine having to walk in this severe heat by the way. No one would dare even think about that.. Wouldn’t most of us die of heat stroke or something if we had to walk!
We have many, many great privileges in America, and these only name a few.. We have super markets, we can get in our “car” and drive to them whenever we get good and ready and pick up whatever food we want. Our government have privileged us so that even the poor people who can not afford food can either get unemployment or they can get some kind of welfare.. to help them better able themselves to buy food that is needed and more than enough most of the time.

Some of us even if we have to grow up in the projects we are still privileged because somewhere else someone is growing up in a concentration camp and they have to watch their loved one’s raped and killed brutally, and are constantly in harms way themselves. So to escape to “America” would be a dream come true, even in the worst neighborhood because the houses are not made of mud and straw but wood and brick..

We are so privileged and often we don’t take time to thank God that our children are able to go to an emergency room when they fall off the bike or when they have a fever, we just think it’s our right and our rights have become what makes us feel superior, but I have news, if we stop remembering to be thankful and not take care of what we have to misuse it… We can and will lose it!


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