Blogging the Love Dare!

Day #1 Love is Patient

Scripture of the day: Ephesians 4:2

“Be completely humble and gentle, be patient, bearing with one another in love.”

Love always does what is best for us and can empower us to face the greatest problems. Love really does work and no, by no means does it ever fail. Love is built on 2 pillars, patience and kindness.
When you choose patience you respond to a negative situation in a positive way. You become suddenly hard to make angry and offend. You choose to have a long fuse and not a quick temper, always on edge..

It makes me think of what I am like; “A gentle breeze or a storm waiting to happen” It means I extend mercy more quickly than judgment. Patience gives me this internal calm during one of my life’s greatest storm.

If you are in any relationship with a significant other or spouse start really asking the hard questions like this knowing that without these foundational tools love will not last!

No one wants to be around an impatient person. They overreact all the time and get angry so quickly. Do you like being around people who get offended and loud in the drop of a hat.. Remember this, “Anger never makes things better! Always, your anger, makes things worst.

If I am patient I stop my problem in it’s tracks and am able to keep myself under control. I am taking a deep breath and not lashing out on others .. I don’t even have to stoop down to the level of evil and do something just to get back at the person who I feel did me wrong!

I have chosen to listen to what you have to say and make sure I understand you before I tell you what I am thinking… without thinking of what I am going to say while your talking.

Patience fosters peace and quiet… Being slow to anger is hard and I know it, but it can be done and when we do it we reap the benefits of healthy relationships that grow and are not torn apart by break ups and divorce.

On day one of my love dare I am challenged I want Aaron to count on having a patient wife so that he knows when he makes a mistake I am not going to criticize him and make him look bad but consider that this relationship is worth far more to me than my attitude with you because you made a mistake because your human just like me.

What is the volume of your home?

The dare for me today is to realize my words, all of them have consequences, not only the one’s I say to my husband but the one’s I say to my friends and even if I worked outside the home, my co-workers and friends.. I must make a decision to stop speaking out of term and do like my mother used to say…”If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say nothing at all!”

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