Love is Kind Day #2

Today is day #2 of my love dare challenge and the scripture for the day is Ephesians 4:32

” Be kind to one another, tenderhearted, forgiving each other, just as God also in Christ has forgiven you.”

If patience is how love reacts to minimize negative circumstances, kindness is love acts to maximize a positive circumstance.

Love makes you kind and kindness makes you likeable.

I love this..

Kindness broken down into 4 ingredients would look like this:

Gentleness…(sensitive, tender)

Helpfulness…(Meet the needs of the moment)

Willingness… (Cooperate, stay flexible, compromise and accommodate)

Initiative… ( Be the first to apologize, the first to meet the need of the moment, smile first, greet first, forgive first, and serve first)

I know that I will never truly learn to love until I begin to daily practice demonstrating these kind acts.

Today, My challenge in addition to not saying anything negative is to make a gesture of kindness, do one of these things.

I think I will choose to greet first, serve first, smile first…


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