Eating the meat of Doing!

I was awakened with a dream that caught my attention yesterday. I am used to having dreams it is the most popular way I heard from God when I first began my time in ministry. In this season ironically the things that God used to do, it is quite possible He can still use the same methods although most times He will change.

As we all know I have an issue with my weight. When I had my son I noticed that I had started putting on weight and the more I tried to lose it, I kept getting pregnant, so with my last birth Aniah, came a dedication to myself that I would never be overweight again.. the highest I can say I have weighed even this year would be 174 lbs.. Indeed for me that was the most uncomfortable season in my life.

I had to change I had to do something different. I had to do it now! Like yesterday! I wanted to do better for myself and I dedicated my life to working out all the time and I love the feeling it gave me the quality of those endorphins is unbelievable, I became addicted to working out and working out hard.. Suddenly I would get it, if I did a certain workout for a long period, my body would come to a stand point and would stop dropping the weight..
I had to do something different…
I started to deny myself food all the time.. I did it at first to test it out.. You know maybe I could get myself to lose weight by not eating, well every day I started denying myself food after 4p then 6p and the weight started dropping off and it is still falling today..

But when I had this dream in was in relation to what I had been doing to myself.. But it was the story of the woman at the well.. She was met by Jesus, trying to meet an internal need with an external factor, you see I had come to a point where I would be discouraged if that scale said the wrong number and I depended on stepping on that scale and it saying the right number.. Healthy weight.. that became my life.. but the Jesus told His disciples that His meat was to do the will of God!


To do the will of God should be the only meat that nourishes my soul. Whether I eat much or little whether I work out of not.. Can I just concentrate on the main thing first.. DO! Just do the will of the Father who sent me!


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