Examine where you’ve come from!

This past week I went to visit with my extended family in Memphis, and boy it was awesome.. I had a wonderful time! I saw so many beautiful sights and sometimes I thought I would stay up all night but once 10:30p hit I realized both my children and me were ready to hit the sack.. My husband, I think he could have stayed up all night, given the benefit of a doubt, but I have trained myself, since I had children, I try and get as much sleep as I possibly can, because when I don’t I get cranky and I fly off the handle!
So, I had a chance to do the very thing I went to do.. Crochet with grandma.. I sat with my sweet 85 year old grandma and crocheted, it was one of the best things, I was a lot faster but she was a lot more advanced.. I loved this time, I  was teaching my little sister and my aunt and there is no greater feeling. I have learned that people don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.. People love to be shown love not told love..

Don’t talk to me about how you love me all the time but you never make any time to send me anything, give me anything, or do anything with me.. Do your best and all the rest will work out!

This has become the theme of my life.. To show my love to others and not only tell them.

As I went back I examined so many things, my grandmother, mother of 11 was telling me the stories about how she had come from such a long way and how far our society has come, talking about toilet tissue and cell phones let alone home phones and she talked to me about the days when she married my grandfather and he had to go off to the military and then when he got back they had child after child after child, because back then there was no such thing as contraception.. Now this is amazing because last night I saw on the news where they are making it completely free to have birth control in some place here in Texas!

Now, you tell me our country hasn’t come a long way.. A very long way.. But when I look at my father, he is in his 50’s and he still proudly wears his jerry curl, some things you just don’t turn lose right! I remembered the days I would have died to have a jeri curl because my mama and my daddy both wore them at some point in my life..

We all want in many ways to be like our parents although there are those things they teach us we wish to reprogram.. there are those times, what we learned was exactly what we needed to make us the unique person we are. As I look back I can truly see how far we have come, but it is not until I stop to look back that I will ever appreciate.. truly appreciate where I am without having to go back!

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