Ask the right Questions

You know what kind of questions are the right questions, the one’s that require ponder and thought, they are not the open ended questions. These are the questions that you would ask your spouse like.. “Why did you marry me, what made you choose me from all the others out there on planet earth!”

You know what questions I am talking about the one’s that make you question yourself to come up with a solution that really tells me and you what your thinking and where you are..
God ask those kind of questions… Where are you? He asked Adam!

But this is not that question.. Jesus asked a question to His first followers in the book of John.. Jesus said to them… in John 1:35-37 “What are you looking for?” It was the next day and John the baptist was with 2 of his disciples when Jesus came up and was walking past and John proclaimed who Jesus was.. this was a very good scene to ponder, because even though the disciples had left John and they were following Jesus they had not engaged in conversation with Him.. So Jesus, being the wonderful God He is, says to them… when He notices they are following and turns around…

“What are you looking for?”

In this life what are you looking for? It’s a very important question because if you don’t know what your looking for you will never find it.. You must first define what you are looking for…

Ironically, to this question there was no right or wrong answer… The disciples said they wanted to know where He was staying and He did not hesitate to show them.. Whatever it is you are looking for, it is my thought Jesus has no problem showing it to you, but you must first make that request known.. So my question remains then… “What are you looking for?”


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