Shut up and keep talking!

This has been quite a day!

This morning, I took my precious little children to the library at the mall.. When we got there I saw a suspicious man walking and well, I got a little nervous, when I opened my door and he started walking toward the car in the garage when there wasn’t anyone around.. I said a quick little prayer… and I started trying to pick up the trillion books I had gone to return.

When the man had gotten close enough to hear, I had been trying to be quiet, but my sweet little 3 year old yelled out…”HEYYY!” Oh I could have strangled her right there on the spot.. My children have loved to get the attention of strangers since they were young, they tend to think that every one on planet earth is nice and friendly and if they smile that means they are a good person! Lord help us all to know the truth!
I threatened a spanking and she looked dumbfounded ! When we got in the mall she had to make it a point to speak to every single person that passed.. Ugh! I could have slapped her and yelled, “That’s Enough”

Hey this is my blog I think I’m free here even to expose my weaknesses after all there’s no one here but me and you and we are family!

When we had gotten home she broke the jelly glass bottle all over the floor trying to tell me that she wanted a jelly sandwich and being just as hard on her as I am on myself when I make a mistake.. I roared!! “Go into your room Right Now and have your nap!” Oooohhh I was furious and my day had not gone exactly according to plan.. Pleasantly wonderful!

But it really had!
Well, this evening I decided to go and buy some more jelly from the store.. Waiting in self check out line at Kroger I hear a huge crash right behind me.. it’s Benjamin and he has knocked down the shelves with all the flowers and glass vases.. Talking about a mother who wanted to CUT UP!
I stayed silent as embarrassed as all get out when I politely grabbed him and told him he would have the spanking of his life when he got home.. I waited in line with all the people in this packed store staring at me..

I could call the day I have had… extremely interesting! I could call it inspiring! I could call it educating! You see life is a lesson..All along my children were only doing what I had taught them was appropriate so I had no one to blame for their behaviour but  myself.. You see I think so many times we are capable of getting pregnant and birthing a child, but have to be truly ready to face all that comes along with being a parent.. Sometimes I get tempted to throw my hands up and quit and just say this parenting is not worth it.. I am not cut out for it.. but every time I think that, something inside so strong tells me I can make it.. It tells me to keep on moving forward this is doing something greater in me than I could ever imagine.. It is getting me kingdom ready.. My selfishness wants to think I have bad children when the fact is if anyone is bad it is me.. the bad parent.. and of course I refuse to view myself as a failure at anything..
Thanks for reading!


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