Learn to see the good in the situation!

Well, it’s the weekend.. My mama always had this saying when Friday came.. “It’s TGIF” Everyone gets excited when the word weekend comes up. I never quite understood it. On the radio stations the DJ’s would always pump up the weekends. Most in general people who work a 9-5 get excited about weekends coming up, but not only them, the people who are going to the club to see them.. Normally, people don’t get out much during the week and I truly don’t understand that either.
Our job, whatever the occupation may be, will no doubt steal time from our lives, as a matter of fact sometimes it’s good to say some people “live at work” We call them workaholics. But family life! Where has it gone!
They say on Sunday’s they used to close everything down, but we have learned that the mighty dollar is more important than that.. So some people actually have to get out and work on Sunday’s!

But when we look at our lives as a whole we can not live for the weekend, for if we truly think about it the weekend is the shortest part of the week.. However, I have never heard anyone saying.. “Phew, thank Goodness it’s Monday. I’m ready to go back to work, or get back in the grind of things” I think we have to learn to live each day in every situation just as excited as we are when Friday comes because if we only live for one moment it will get old then life will become mundane and there will be nothing to it but waiting for those times and pretty soon those times will become boring and they won’t fill us like they used to.

My personal experience with living for Friday was that it was a time for my family to be together, my husband does not work a full day on Friday and he’s home earlier.. We get to have more time together with our children and we do something together on Saturday most times for fun, if not we just eat out all weekend and burn all the money, so the weekend for me is a time to burn up all the entertainment money we save during the week.. How miserable is that..
We all have growing to do, so you see, you can not point the finger at me and neither can I at you … WE all need to learn to make the most of every day and see the best things that are passing us by while we’re waiting for the biggest moment!


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