The Stages of Life!

Today I am amazed at how much an adult can grow… From the moment a child is born as an infant they are growing, nonstop every moment we are growing.  While we are growing we go through seasons of life.. Sometimes it’s just the season of being a preschooler to the transition of starting grade school.. Sometimes it’s the transition into adolescent, becoming a teenager can be hard but the journey into adulthood is a constantly changing time.. We have to have something stable to stand on.

I was watching this movie called “50 first dates” the other day.. I thought it was hilarious.. This lady had gotten into a car accident and damaged her brain in such a way that every morning when she woke up she did not remember what happened yesterday, but everyday was a new day, new adventure and all she had recollection of was what happened the day before her accident. I thought she was bad but when I saw the man at the hospital they took her to, I was startled.. He could not remember anything past 10 seconds, and here it is I thought I was forgetful…

This is a great picture of how we should live.. See if she had a fight with Adam Sanders the man she was dating, by the way I think he is a great actor.. If she was mad at him the night before or he had done something really bad to her, she would have no recollection of it, but then again she would also have no recollection of him, therefore he had to make her fall in love with him all over again and after 50 dates had passed even though she had not had capacity to remember him physically, emotionally her mind remembered him and she would dream of him.. The stages of life cause us to grow and sometimes even the things that we didn’t get and we thought we should have or the things we missed that we really should have they come around, what we have to do is realize that any given day, any given time our lives could be taken and in every moment we have to seize it and give thanks for it, even the hard times, because whether you recognize or not those stages are all part of living a human life here on this earth and no one bi passes being an elderly person at some point if they live to be old enough…  The thing is how will you see it.. Will you let by gone’s be by gones or realize it’s the seasons of life and I have to be content knowing they only come to make me strong!


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