Decisions you won’t regret!

Well, today was a day of perspective. I started to question some of the things we pride ourselves on in life.
How nice our phones are! How well our children are kept! If we have children what college they went to and who they become! We pride ourselves in the outward things, but how kind are we to others? How well do we handle stress? What have we planted in our children other than to watch tv all the time and get their theology from what the killers (actors) would get out of the situation. We are feeding ourselves all wrong but expecting great turn outs.

I am amazed at some of the stuff my little 3 year old learns on tv and sometimes I ask myself.. why do I let her sit there and watch all those hours of tv.. At some point when my husband gets home he cuts the tv off and says there will not be any tv the rest of the night and from then on he plays with our children, interacts with them and does things with them and lets them play with each other and their own toys.. We are so bent on being entertained we forget to entertain ourselves! Sometimes we don’t see it that way, but when we are standing in a long line we have to use a gadget and be texting or talking to someone else because we have become afraid to be alone with ourselves!
Yesterday I went back to college and a lot of people tell me that is a decision I will never ever regret. I understand that and yes I do agree.. But some of the best decisions I will ever make are the one’s that come from within the word of God and from my own conversations I have had with Him when everything else was turned off and there was nothing else to focus on but a praise, prayer and His presence.. it’s the best place in the world to be!


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