5 minute pep talk!

Well, it’s another day and I am certainly glad I have lived to see it. Now that yesterday is gone and I know there is no way possible I could go back and relive it, now would be a good time to have my funeral for all the things I wish I had done but I did not do.. Now is the time to refocus and recalibrate I must decide what things I will do differently today so that when tomorrow comes I am reaping the rewards of good decisions and not bad one’s.. Because there is such a thing as consequences.. to whatever decisions I make today.
I realize nothing is done in a vacuum. In a great pursuit for destiny I will be true to who I am and everything else I will completely ignore. It is not about pleasing others but making sure that I please God first and in doing so I give myself reason to be proud of me. I realize that today if I follow everything inside of me I will get myself in a world of trouble, but if I redirect my thoughts, my words and my actions to line up with things that are noble, just, true, excellent, praiseworthy, and pure…  I know today I can have a serious victory, since today is all that matters right here and right now by the way!


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