More than A moment with the KING!

While I was in thought today I wondered what it would look like… to be a Daughter in the presence of The King! I would find my place sitting at His feet.. What would I do, if I had one moment with the King! Every time go to Him in song and in prayer, I am getting a moment with the King! I find that striking, this great love I could never fully know or understand!

I tell you it is something worth the ponder. Today I was polishing my little daughter’s toe nails, spending some quality “girl” time with her, when it dawned on me.. This is one of those precious moments.. I had carried her all those 9 months and felt her kicking in my womb, she had gone through the stages of infancy and being a toddler, and those years I will never get back.. but right here right now as a preschooler, I sat with her and I smiled with her and told her how pretty she was.. And it was amazing, to think that the King doesn’t just want a moment, He wants to share and do life with us. He wants to be the thing we need most. That quality time with my little precious one, God wants with me as my King… As Master and Creator of this entire universe, the One Who Created everything that is… would dare to want a moment with me to polish toe nails and tell me how pretty I am.. For isn’t it right.. He’s carried me, He’s covered me, He’s protected me and fed me all alone, He’s healed me so many times and now… He wants a moment to just have “God time” I love it.. I want more than a moment.. I want a lifetime with Him.. for in His presence I always find the fullness of joy because I know who I am


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