Waste Not, Want Not!

When I was younger my mother used to have a favorite saying she would say to us… We seemed to be very wasteful kids and she would tell us when we got ready to throw away something we could use later….”Waste not want not” I used to wonder, what in the world does she mean..

Well she meant if I was not wasteful with the thing I had been given I would have it when I needed it in the future instead of having to replace what I could have used again. I could not help but think about it.. How wasteful am I today? Have I ever learned that lesson she was trying to teach me before she left the earth! As it stands I come across way more money than my mother did in a year in a week..(figuratively speaking to say she was not rich)

There is a certain lifestyle I think we get used to and we get caught up in things as they are and we don’t expect them to ever change, but sometimes they do.

Yesterday, our cable, internet and home phone was off the entire day, they had gone out the night before at 8p when we had a well needed rain storm that turned into a hail storm quickly! When it did we lost all electricity for an entire 12 1/2 hours..  I must say it was eye opening for me.. Here I was calling the cable company cutting up.. because I already knew the electric company was lame but for the cable company.. It was as if I had put far more value on being able to get on the internet and my child being able to sit in front of the tv than my food going bad in the refrigeration, immediately I turned from my season of thanksgiving for the lights to complaining for the cable and internet.. After all, who can live without the internet, I had my cell phone, so that took care of the phone, but look at how I had decided to do things.. I had been so blessed and instead of thanking God thinking of all the families without I was sitting there complaining about what I did not have!
WE waste so much.. From ink/toner, to paper for printing, you know the things we don’t think about that can really count it taken into a count… My children and I throw away juice just because we already drank from that cup, forget about saving it for later, my children have it so bad, that when we prepare food for Aniah, she doesn’t even eat it if she doesn’t want it and we throw it away and just give her something else in about an hour when she gets hungry again, my son Benjamin, this young man is a true kid at heart, everytime he goes to a store he would love to buy a new toy or something for him, even if he just bought a new toy yesterday or earlier in the week, they forget and just completely stop playing with the things we went through such great lengths to buy them just last week.. and amazingly we keep buying it..
I sat back to take a look today, and I did not like what I saw.. but I was encouraged to know that even though old habits die hard they do die..
I am starting series on healing choices, making choices from the heart and building true relationship with God, myself and then others.. I think this will be helpful for everyone to follow!

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