About my weight loss

This morning as many other mornings, I was on the wii fit plus doing my body test and sometimes it’s as quick as a simple test for those of you who have the wii fit plus you know what I am talking about .. Well, I have the goal bank.. Just thought I would share that with you.. You all who have this game know what that means….

Sometimes, you can test your skills of how balanced you are mentally. the goal of this game is to build you in every area, mentally and physically.. there are all types of games here.. But there’s this one that they score you on and they give you a wii fit age.. That always gets everyone because it seems how well you can balance your weight mentally by telling you to move when it gives you the signal to a certain place.. If you can do it in a timely manner that’s the more balanced you are..
Although I am afraid some of us are not balance at all.. because our wii fit age would come up in the 50’s or 60’s when we are only 20-30 years old.. It’s good to work on these things and to be mindful of them because later in life they help you  you know..

When I think of weighing in, at the beginning of this year I weighed myself and I was actually near 170, closer to 180… juggling 176-175 sometimes I would go down to 170, and every time I would cut that machine on they would tell me…”That’s over weight!” It annoyed me so much when they would blow up my mii character and make her look like she had to shed some pounds.. Well, I started to work my butt off setting those goals and trying hard to reach them, in March I was still dabbling around the same area, and it seemed impossible for me to come down from the 170’s and stay in the 160’s and to get me out of the red zone I would have to get under 159 lbs.. So I struggled to get out of the 160’s about a month, working out really hard, doing every thing I can.. then, it came about that I got determined and i started timing myself, watching what I eat by writing it down and I really started seeing the difference after awhile for a long time I would see myself fall, my weight would go up instead of down on every Monday.. I started gradual change.. i started eating off of smaller plates.. (saucers) I still eat off of them today, and I actually do feel full!  I started timing my intake.. I would know if I just ate at 7 I don’t need to eat again at 9.. I would feel if I were hungry or not.. sometimes I would be feeling full but still eat out of emotion.. I stopped that.. and the weight started dropping, it is not that I dropped everything, trust me I don’t deny myself anything I really want, but if I get that cookies n creme shake I will definitely not be eating anything the rest of the day! I became so mentally focused that not only did I get down into the 150’s but I am almost successfully out of them and every day my weight falls just a little bit more because I even stopped eating after 6p and believe it or not my body got used to that..
Now what’s my point on balance.. If I don’t have balance I will continually lose weight and pretty soon I will have reached weight I sat out to attain but my mind will still be saying.. No, don’t eat that.. Eat off the saucer and I will be actually needing to stay the same weight and I would bet that would be something else to get used to… but I think all things come with time and training! I thank God that I am a healthy weight and that was my goal.. Sometimes I see people who haven’t seen me in awhile and they say to me.. “Girl, your disappearing!” Or Girl, you look like your losing weight! People can see the difference but without understand that I am doing it to remain healthy they think I am doing it because I am sick.. And it is not about that at all.. I work out, I eat healthy and I try to keep my body healthy because this side of eternity this is the only body I will get.. and if I do not take care of it, it will drag me down when I get older and I want to still have vitality.. at least enough to be comfortable.. Have you ever seen an older person who took care of themselves, they don’t look as old and they get to enjoy life a little more sometimes right.. well, the plan is to have more quality of life not more quantity and if I get more quantity, along with that I strive for more quality!


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