The greatest need of a man!

Well today, I had to turn back to some study on relationships for a refresher. I think every one whether a relationship expert or a new beginning modest really needs a refresher every now and then. I love churches that commit at least once a year to do series on Marriage, we know that the power of relationship is real and the power of Love is even stronger than death.

So, A couple of years ago with my current church.. by the way we are changing churches in just a few weeks, it makes me both happy and sad.. but we are moving so that makes everything all good…. we did a bible study called “For Women Only” Oh my, this bible study was a 6 week thing and the truth is, well, it just really bought a lot of wisdom to my relationship and caused me to handle things just a little differently, ever since then I have always wanted to do the curriculum for Love and Respect.. I love to read Emerson Eggerichs too by the way..

Well, in the first day of week one Shanti Feldham teaches us women that the greatest need for the man is respect. I love it because she shows me how I think I am doing that and I believe in my heart I respect him but what I say to him and how I act may say something completely different to him. In order for me to respect my husband I must be willing to esteem his opinions above my own and honor him.. (Italics added by me)

We as women are prone to love by accident.. We are just loving creatures, although in Creation God clearly knew He created us different, Man and Female, not the same by the way.. and God Himself called our differences… “Very Good” Now the shocker to me was that not only are we different, but we have different roles.. We have different identities.. and before the fall of man that was perfectly fine.. But after the fall, it was known that the man would rule over the woman and her desire would still be for him, his work would be difficult and she would be required by God to respect the man she married!

Now, I feel like I have to add that.. “The man she married” Sometimes we feel like we should respect people in relationships outside of marriage because we are in love with them.. Sure we should be respectful, but in the sense that we submit as unto the Lord, this is only for the role of the husband, the man who has placed a ring on your finger.

When the bible tells us to respect our men God knew that would be the one key that would make the relationship from woman to man work.. Now, it’s a little different in the relationship from man to woman.. You see there’s a different role to play as a man.. But we are not talking about that.. I loved sitting and pondering on other scripture and applying it to married, and any relationship.. Just like when I read the love dare, day one was … Love is Patient.. That is not just love to your spouse, my love to my children should look like patience and not “Mommy’s a time bomb ticking, ready to go off any second!” I think it is imperative to look at the love dare as a relational blessing to any relationship but it can especially be beneficial in the marriage relationship!

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