Love is not jealous

it is true “love is as strong as death and it’s jealousy is unyielding as the grave.” “Wrath is fierce and anger a flood but who can withstand jealousy.”

It’s amazing that those of us who are rightfully God’s… when we look the other way at other things and people to worship God gets jealous, so much to a point that sometimes He chooses to remove that thing or person so we can see He is most important..
So it is with a husband and wife… If either one of these truly love the other there is a certain kind of healthy jealousy.. if the love of my life.. My husband was ever showing interest in anything or anyone else more than me it would make me upset in the greatest way and whatever the thing was taking his attention I would want to take it and kill it or destroy it somehow.. I think I have some of God in me to some degree on that one.. No wonder God’s name is jealous and He is a consuming fire.. He will not tolerate us worshiping anything but Him!


There is however a bad jealousy that is uncalled for and stems from selfishness..

When you were married don’t forget that you were in fact given the role of biggest cheerleader and president of your spouses fan club, to violate that would just be wrong.

jealousy was what God Jesus killed, it was what got joseph thrown into a pit, it was what got Hagar thrown out of Sarah’s House.. man, this jealousy can be deadly as we see throughout scripture although it can be very healthy in the right context! We must be careful to let love, humility and gratefulness destroy this deadly disease called jealousy in marriages so we can complete and not compete with eachother.


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