Greet me with a kiss!

Well, this is one of the most beautiful things for me to experience. A couple of weeks ago I was visiting a church and a good friend of mine I have known for years walked up to me and instead of giving me a great smile and a hello… she gave me a hug and kiss.. Now anyone who knows me knows I am a hugger.. I hug any body, anywhere, anytime, doesn’t matter who you are.. I’m a hugger but when you plant a big kiss on my cheek well that sends me a message.. I’m loved..

I appreciated that so much.. I kind of thought wait a moment, we are women in our 30’s or….30.. LOL~ I’m not in my 30’s just yet.. I just want to point that out.. Let me stay young as long as possible PLEASE!

But we could think so much of eachother that we walk up to eachother and not greet in the regular way, but in a supernatural way with love.. What if I walked up to my family members and not only gave them a hug every time we met but also a kiss.. When I was younger mama taught us whenever we see aunts, and uncles, grandma and grandpa’s go up to them, hug them and give them a kiss..

For years I have done that.. I always greet my siblings with a hug but for aunts, uncles and grandma I also add a kiss.. there’s a certain level of respect in that!

Now it’s amazing that I have been married….some years now.. and I tend to greet my husband with a kiss only sometimes.. Only when I feel it’s appropriate.. If we are out in public and I’m going to his job or meeting him somewhere I normally greet him with a kiss, but what if he is just coming home from work. Every day without fail I send my son Benjamin off to school with a kiss and I hug and kiss aniah when she is in the church nursery, but what if I did that when I picked them up too.. The love.. Would you be able to feel the love if I could leap off this screne in to the room you read this, stand beside you with a huge smile and give you a kiss.. I do mean in a godly way if your of the opposite sex.. Unless your my sweet dear husband, then I mean business..LOL!


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