Making Christ my personal Lord

There are very few radical christians in today time who walk around asking others if they have already made Jesus Christ their “Personal Lord and Savior).

The truth is that’s how I got saved. It’s was during the time when tracks were still passed out to invite you to church, where you can come and hear the unadulterated word of God, where you felt the holiness of God when you walked in the door, and when you walked out you were not the same, there was a certain newness about you.

I’m sure my language in this blog is foreign to so many but when we say that we want to make Jesus Lord of our lives as we must be willing to take His word as the final word of every area of our lives and some of us are willing to accept that He can save us from going to hell when we die but He is not able to save us from smoking cigarettes, and He just may not be able to save us from our disrespectful behavior to our parents or spouses.. I think we find it easy to turn certain area’s over to God as Lord while others are not as easy for us to let go of so we can receive His true peace, but this is why we have so many unbelievers than we do true believers while all of them are professing to know God.

This is an act of the will daily, if I say of God.. You are the Lord of my life and this is a personal decision I made I should not be stealing tomorrow, I should not be committing adultery on my spouse because these are all these Jesus the Christ spoke against doing and because He is the final authority in my life, that means I have to abide by His rules since I’m living in a new household now.. The household of faith.

I want to thank those of you who read my blog faithfully, but if there is anything I ever say that will bless you it will be that we as believers, or so called thus.. should concentrate more so on submitting to the will of our Savior whom we call our Lord.. with our lips!



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