Do you need something to run to!

Well, today is a very special day.. It’s Tuesday, November 22, 2011.. Yup, it’s a special day, because I woke up this morning! When I woke up I was in my right mind and I had health and strength in my body. I would say that’s pretty good reason for celebration now wouldn’t you!

Today I pondered my high school days.. I loved those first years in high school. In middle and elementary school it wasn’t so much fun, but high school.. Yes, that was the time, I started to flourish in more ways than one.  One of the things I remember most about my 9th grade year was being on the dance team.. “Go Dancing Bobcats” It was the best year of high school for me. I thought I was popular and what got me in the in crowd most of the time was that I was a dancing bobcat!

It was so much fun, I got to exercise daily with a group of other young girls my age doing something we all loved.. Learning new dances.. and then the day would come when we would have game season and then it was every week, we had to go out and perform, use all the skills we had built up all that time behind the scenes in the class room.. or marching around the school with the band while the football team practiced so the whole neighborhood was no longer the one’s dancing to our music down in New Orleans, it was the parents in the stands and the people on the other team who we came to play against that we were playing for..

Well, honestly, we wanted the championship. We came out to battle, and we were determined to win!

This was the best part.. When we were marching in the parades in parade season, there was always a banner out front.. Someone would be carrying a banner telling every one our school was coming so they would be able to prepare if they had come  to see someone from that school..

It’s a reputation we had built for being the school with the best band, a great dance team.. cheerleading team.. Ect..And it was fun and exciting!

Then something else came up to me today.. In this life there is more at stake than just my schools reputation, there will always be battles to fight and victories to be one, some of which I will fight daily for success in my own mind, some of which I will fight just to get up and walk in integrity doing the right thing.. and the most important thing is whose team I’m on..

has anyone ever told you that life is battlefield. The school was known for whatever it’s reputation was and so are the children of God. We fall behind the banner of Christianity… and that means there are certain things we will always fight but we must remember what the banner says! I belong to God!


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