Someone to speak for me!

It’s a great day to ponder what I am getting ready to write about.

Have you ever needed someone to speak for you? Because even if you tried to speak for yourself you would just put your foot further in your own mouth!

I think of times I have been that way.. I just couldn’t find the right words to say.. It’s like being in the courtroom.. I know many people have never been in a courtroom and I would never have been either save the incident of the custody of my oldest daughter.

Whenever I went it was always best that I get an advocate, someone who knows what they are doing and they are on my side. It was even better if I got a great lawyer, see if you know the person on the other side has a little bit of leverage on you, it’s always Best you get some good “Representation”…

I learned there is an appointed lawyer who can speak for me, about the most important thing in the world… Where I will spend eternity.

Now here’s the kicker.. He gets every one He represents off. All He has to do is stand up and He’s in good enough standing with the judge as a matter of fact He is the Son of the Judge and the judge is very favorable to Him.

He will only stand in my behalf however if I appoint Him to be my lawyer. You see there are many lawyers out there to choose from, some I have tried have had the highest retainers in the world, but this Jesus the Christ, there’s no retainer fee of 3,000… I have to accept His services and listen to what He says and do it, and He will freely represent me. Wouldn’t it be perfect if I did not need a lawyer, but I know my hands are dirty, I did the crime and there’s no way I’m getting out of this, so I will definitely need some help standing before such a holy, and righteous judge so I can receive His mercy and grace in my time of Need!

The advocate does that for you and He does that for me.. If we choose to have Him represent us, by first representing Him!

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