Couponing at the movies!

While I’m talking about the fact that you can coupon on virtually anything.. We did it together as a family yesterday!

Being very economical, we went to the movies to see the Lion King. It was a delightful experience!
When my husband realized that he had gotten a coupon in his email for that theater we were all too excited to print it out from the computer!

Not anything big, nothing off the price of admission, but since we like to eat popcorn when we go to the movies with our little one’s… it was cool to get a free thing of popcorn with a purchase of any size drink!
Well, we bought that drink quick fast and in a hurry! A large one too, we wanted it to be able to cater to all of us, so we spent less than 5.00 at the movies for a drink and a huge thing of popcorn that all of us ate from and had more than enough. When I say more than enough, we took home more than half the drink and more than half the think of popcorn, that’s how much it was.. And we all ate until we were full.. Talk about coming home with a “Roller Coaster Praise” This was really neat in starting our economical coupon living!


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