My Couponing Experience!

Well, I did it, I finally did it.. I had been contemplating it for almost 2 weeks now, I finally did it.. I bought the newspaper last Saturday just to look through the coupons. My sweet dear husband was so kind to look through them with me and you will not believe the deals we found.

I mean you can find a coupon on anything that can be purchased, restaurants when you eat out, fast food or dine in.. You can find coupons for Chuckie Cheese’s if you want to go and be a kid.. If you have babies, you can find coupons on diapers, you can find coupons on food.. I mean it’s one of those things.. You try and you love it..
Especially when that cashier swipes that coupon and it says.. The amount that was taken off and that you would have had to pay had you not presented that coupon..

Today, I took a trip to Walgreens and I picked up some things that I thought even if my household did not need at the moment, the need would come up and since we had a few extra dollars why not try this thing out!

Well, I first went to a walgreens and was disappointed, I thought I was looking for the items but I did not see what I had coupons for.. I had bought an address, and telephone number book.. And Well, I was not pleased with the price of it, so I drove conveniently to the next Walgreens up the street and well, that’s where it happened.. My couponing moment! I picked up just 3 items and saved over 6.00… I tell you it felt great! I saw those coupons taking money I would have had to spend and thought to myself.. WHY? Why don’t more people do this.. Couponing is not a time consuming thing and for me it is fun to look through the ads to see which things I would like to have, it’s free, it takes no time to clip the coupon, and tag it along with you to the store and whalah You have savings!

I thought of the women and men who walked into that same store to buy those same items this week and well, they paid full price for these items, that I am paying only half for all because I presented a piece of paper! Just a little piece of paper to scan in these economical times can mean more money in your pocket and all I could think was.. “Why don’t people do this more often?” I know I will.. From now on.. It’s a breeze to go to the store and know what you are getting and know how much it will cost..especially if everything you are getting is with a coupon, your looking at coming home with a “roller coaster praise”!


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