The Frustration of Liberation!

How do you define yourself?? Say, just hypothetically speaking…. You have been in slavery, bound, under the control of this one master.. It could be a job, it could be a way of thinking, it could be a bad relationship, or whatever, you just fill in the blanks, but you are in bondage and it’s so bad that you cry out and wish for the day you see freedom. You pray out of the depths of your soul and say.. “Lord if you just deliver me from this, I promise I will serve you and I will worship you and I will live only for you!”
Then you get out of that situation! When you get out of it.. When you are granted freedom.. If anyone has been locked up or incarcerated in jail for a long time maybe they could relate to the feeling of freedom. The truth is, it may feel funny. At first it may not feel liberating at all. It may feel like strange and like you are outside of your comfort zone.. And you may actually think on going back quite a bit because whenever we are in a growing process as human beings, it will always stretch us and make us come out of the way we are used to.

The kicker is this.. When we come out, how do we define ourselves? If we can no longer say.. I’m so and so’s spouse, or I am so and so’s employee, or I am so and so’s trick… You see these are all ways of thinking that when we are liberated must.. I say they must change in order for true liberation to take place!
I wish I could give you a better example of this.. But say it is a woman, who was not given very much attention as a little child and her father and mother were always too busy for her, so she starved for and craved for the very thing that God created her to experience…Love! She started looking for it all over the place, because she was desperate to be accepted and to feel wanted and needed and appreciated, and even noticed in some cases, so she dressed in ways that would get the attention of others and her mindset soon became even if you just want to be with me for one night or every now and then, I am ok with that, as long as I know you want me for that time.. Then he goes home to his wife.. or girlfriend…


She meets a man.. A kind man, a generous man, A man who genuinely wants to love her and he accepts her for who she is, even her past.. Even all she has experienced and he still loves her.. And well, the only problem is, he can’t get her to stop looking for attention, it’s the mentality she has had all her life that has to change.. He wishes that she could just realize all she needs is right in front of her, but she has become blindsided somehow and thinks all men are the same.. And the frustration of her liberation is that she does not even realize when this man married her she was free from that old way!

Tonight my sweet husband cut my hair… Yup, with the clippers… He did just what they would have done at super cuts.. the same thing.. I was a masterpiece of his tonight and it was a great feeling of liberation, for that moment.. I love LOW MAINTENANCE HAIR ! I love it! I have grown to know that there’s no hair like easily kept hair! It took me awhile to get used to the short look but when it started growing I didn’t know what to do with it so the best thing to do perm it at first, but then, I decided, that really wasn’t the best thing.. You see the parallel, just like the married woman now who thinks it’s better somehow to go back to the way she used to do things, when the relationship she is in is actually the best thing… Amazingly, life starts to dawn on us and we realize we define ourselves by who we really are, not what we do, or who we are with.. but the fact that we are who we are only because God created us to be…


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