Well, it’s kind of hard to define patience with a person in our culture today! There’s always way more reason to be in a rush to get no where!
Every morning I walk my little one’s to drop my kindergartner off to school, this is what I call the time of bonding, we walk together and talk together and laugh and even run sometimes…. We would never not even once think of taking the car… Although some people think that is archaic… My children used to complain at first because it’s true.. the weather is unpredictable and it changes without notice.. Some days it’s really cold and some days are not as cold as others, but we have learned to manage through the rain, the sleet, the snow or the shine.. We have found the trick…. Dress Appropriately!

Some mornings when my little one and I are walking back she wants to stop and play at the park and I say to her, “No little one, we’ll have to get home now, we’ve already done what we came out to do.” and she wants to stop and play at the school park and just enjoy herself, while I’m going to reach a destination, but to enjoy a journey.. I find myself in a rush to get absolutely no where..

Go home! To do what?? get on the internet.. why not stay out, even if it’s cold and I may feel a little discomfort.. I stopped with her today and let her do the hop scotch, gave the little one an inch and she took a yard! She wanted to do it 2 times.. So I allowed it and well, I was ready to go after that… waiting impatiently for her to finish I found myself thinking… How did would life be if I weren’t always in such a rush.
Because I will certainly tell you this.. Being a parent is one of the hardest jobs I have ever had to do.. I have to have more patience than I have ever been forced to have.. Sometimes the boy child wants to say something and it takes him forever to get it out and I am trying to be patient and wait, giving him my undivided attention but the truth is, I’m eating or cooking, or getting ready to go do something.. On my way to do something urgent, too urgent to let him take his time and get out what he wants to say..
And I can’t blame anyone but myself in that case if he ever chose to go somewhere else and look for someone who will be willing to wait for him, even if their not such a good person and don’t have the right motives.. It gets real after awhile..

I realize that I will only be a parent of these preschoolers just this once.. And there is so much that is necessary, if I don’t constantly remind myself that I have been giving everything I need to prosper in this vocation.. Because God has made me a momma.. and that’s honestly a reason to praise Him.. I thank Him for my spouse, my relationship with those who actually like me.. and more than anything else … the people He has allowed me to be a blessing to, whether through my writing or my life. I pray that I will always be seen, heard and known as a patient person and not one who was ready to flip off the handle at the drop of a hat.. It’s a virtue and I’ll tell you one thing it doesn’t come easy, I am a work in progress, but I know that I am in the press!


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