Fast Food Nation!

Well, today, I had the opportunity again, to make the decision to eat at a fast food restaurant. Granted every time I eat at these places I get nauseous, not only thinking about the money I just Wasted, I never be able to get back but that the food I just put in my body was actually not healthy and not helping me at all.. I would have done better to cook my own unhealthy food.. and it would have been less expensive I tell you that..

So what am paying for.. When I go to the nearest McDonald’s, Burger King, Jack in the Box, Wendy’s, Chick Fila, Chipotle, or any of those other places, I don’t know the person preparing my food in the least and all I know is that my food came from a freezer and someone cooked and fried it in old dirty grease, the juice I’m drinking came from a machine that has never been cleaned, probably  not even once..

When I think of the fact that most of these people working at these places do not even care one bit about me so they don’t care if the meat has fallen on the floor, if the food is badly processed or undercooked.. They don’t even have a care anything about if I am the CEO of their company or if I am homeless the food is all the same and it’s still a job, most of them don’t want to be at on top of that!
So at any of these restaurants, the young man could have gone to the restroom and not washed his hands or touched some forbidden place on a girl, or filled with germs and is handling my bread without gloves, how do I even know these things!

When I was on my way to bring lunch for my son and thought about stopping off taking the quickest way.. I thought about all these things and the worst thing is this.. All I had to do was drive home in the end, put some turkey and cheese on some bread and grab him an apple and we were set.. I can’t believe it was that easy and I had made it so complicated.

No doubt I drove up to McDonald’s and I sat there and waited 10 minutes hoping to buy lunch, but they did not even start lunch at the proper time which was to me like a sign.. when I got home guess what was on TV…. “fast food nation” in my face..

Don’t want to eat out, and don’t want to follow the nation with the highest rate of obesity in our world!


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