I expect a miracle

Today, I am so aware of miracles! They are real, and I expect to see them every day!
I see people on Spark people most days when I glance at the start page who went from being hundreds of pounds overweight without any liposuction. I look at them and I think to myself, God is still good and there are still people out there who are brave enough and strong enough to do something about the weight and about how they feel about food.
Last night and this morning my son had one specific prayer request that I was particularly against, but it made me think of how many prayers i pray GOD might be looking at me with the same look in which I did to him this morning when he asked it again..
We had made the decision, we weren’t going to McDonald’s anymore.. We were going to stop eating out, and you know that would be a miracle, with all the fast food restaurants on every single corner, I mean you can’t go to the gym without running into at least 10 fast food temptations on the way, it takes a great deal of will power or a miracle to pass them up every time in the beginning and keep on riding able to control the appetite to eat what we know is harmful.
Yesterday I completely overdid it, I ate every thing I wasn’t supposed to because I felt like I was depraving myself of certain foods and I overdid them all, needless to say it didn’t land me feeling the way I thought it would.. I had horrible indigestion ALL night and did not sleep well at all.. But God had mercy!
When we woke up this morning my sweet little ignorant son presented to me the same prayer request: “Mama, I ask God something only He can do, that we can go back to McDonalds and I could get toys from there again” His main goal is to get those toys, my kids like the fast food life, but it’s only because it’s the way I have trained them.. both their father and I have taught them that… it’s ok and we have fed them all sorts of wrong foods every time we’ve gotten a chance and to change that.. well, it will take a great miracle.. But you know what I believe Miracles happen every day, I believe we can be that household that keeps a fruit bowl with pineapples and grapes and cantalopes, and honey due all mixed in in our refrigerator instead of a milk shake from jack in the box and I believe that we will be a family that when we are hungry we don’t run to a honey bun but to that fruit bowl.. and we will love the taste of that far more than all the sugar in a zebra cake.. I believe miracles happen everyday and I believe it can happen in my house not only in this area but in many others, and it will be a faithful daily lifestyle!


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